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Today’s Objectives:

  • Learn responsibility and fair-play
  • Learn the Ultimate Frisbee game

Ultimate Warmups and Pairs Throwing: Have the class do the warm-ups and spend time throwing in pairs found in Lesson 2.

Officiating: Review travels, fouls and out-of-bounds and how to quickly resolve calls.

Elect Captains: Duty will be to ensure wide participation and fair play.

Play Ultimate: Captains flip a disc to randomly decide which team is pulling or receiving; then commence game(s).

Captains flip for side and who pulls first.

Game to 7, half-time at 4.

All points start with pulls (each team stands on its front end zone line while one defensive player throws the disc off to the other team; only after the release of the pull can offensive and defensive players pass their own line).

Turnovers result in immediate change of possession; offense becomes defense immediately.

Fouls, travels, and out of bounds enforced by players themselves.

Switch sides of the field at half-time, and the team that did not pull to start the game must pull.