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Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, challenging, inclusive team sport. It is played in over 65 countries around the world and continues to grow rapidly. The International Olympic Committee has granted provisional recognition to the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF).  According to the latest study conducted by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association in the US nearly 5 million people play the game. Competitive- level players who are members of USA Ultimate number over 44,000, with youth members outnumbering adult members for the first time since the sport began in 1968.

Ultimate Frisbee meets and exceeds the standards of what your school curriculum desires from an athletic program and has three important characteristics that make it ideal for schools:

  • Inexpensive – play anywhere, with minimal equipment
  • Educational – based on sportsmanship and fair-play
  • Coed – non-contact, girls and boys may play together

The game is simple and straightforward: a field, two teams and one disc. While it takes very little to start, it yields a lot in return by encouraging healthy bodies, lifestyles and mentalities. Ultimate Frisbee teaches responsibility and fair-play by putting officiating, game management and team conduct largely in the hands of its players. This code of conduct is called the “Spirit Of The Game“.

Ultimate Frisbee promotes a culture of valuing all of its members and being inclusive by gender, race/ethnicity and levels of mental and physical ability. It builds cohesion among diverse players and forms a community. It’s a safe, non-contact sport where girls and boys may play together even at the highest levels. This is a team sport in the purest sense—you literally cannot advance the disc without someone else to throw to!

Dear PE teachers, parents, coaches and students,

We are long-time players, coaches and enthusiasts and we want to welcome you to our beloved game! We hope our module helps you teach and learn ultimate with the students and peers you care about.

Why not Ultimate Frisbee?

(courtesy of  Discsports – Cliff Towne’s Video)

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