The sport of Ultimate was presented at the California Association for
Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance
’s Annual Conference (2016Logo) in Santa Clara:

Ultimate Frisbee and Social Emotional Learning
One of Ultimate’s unique features is that it is self-officiated, placing on kids the responsibility for their conduct and decision-making without delegating this to referees. The resulting emphasis on personal accountability, empathy and communication makes Ultimate a powerful learning tool by which youth develop important social emotional skills that are critical for all aspects of their lives.

Main points
Educators will learn a new sport that will be attractive and enjoyable for their students. Additionally, they will be introduced to Ultimate’s special characteristics that make it a great educational tool, such as self-officiation and conflict resolution, equal participation of girls and boys, and accessibility to all age groups and levels of athleticism. This sport places great value on effort and the joy of play over winning. Educators will also receive links to additional resources for including Ultimate in their curricula.

Objectives and Goals
After a brief introduction to the sport we will explore how by playing Ultimate students are practicing the main components of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)in real life situations:
– Self-awareness
– Emotions Regulation
– Socially awareness
– Good relationship
– Responsible decision-making

Learning outcomes
After this session, educators/participants will have a grasp of the game and will be able to run Ultimate games and activities to empower SEL for their students.


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