Ultimate in 2013!

Hello teachers and students!

2013 is going to be a great year to get introduced to Ultimate Frisbee. Why?

Because this summer, more great new camps are opening up nationwide that will help develop youth that want to become Ultimate Players, including one right here in NYC. These are sponsored by NIKE and US Sports Camps. There are many others in your neck of the woods, too! So start with the modules on this site in winter and spring, and then graduate to one of the Nike Camps in the summer…who knows, maybe you’ll be starting a competitive team by Fall.


Enjoy making Ultimate part of your class, team or group in 2013!

-The Lot


5 basic lesson plans for the sport of Ultimate!

Go To Class!

One-year Update

Thank you to everyone who viewed our Beta site this year (over 7,000 visits!). We hope that you were not only informed by viewing the site, but also found ways to bring the lessons into your class, club or group!

We still have more to share with you. Currently we are producing a handful of new videos for the 5 lessons that will enhance your understanding of how to teach Ultimate. Look for that update before the end of November.

Also, we’ve added a downloadable basic rules pdf containing what you see in the sidebar. You can print this and take it with you to the field or court!

As always, if you have specific questions or comments please email us at:


Beta Feedback

PE Teachers:

We are pleased that PE teachers are now reviewing and providing feedback on this, our Beta version of Gym Class Ultimate Frisbee. Your feedback will allow us to review how the modules are working in the classroom and add revisions.

As you read through the site, share the concept of Gym Class Ultimate Frisbee with administration, and begin to apply the lesson plans in your classrooms, don’t hesitate to email us helpful comments to make the site a better tool for you.

Please email us: chsparkinglot@gmail.com